Get your groove on daily with Lunch Beat

Get your groove on daily with Lunch Beat

Like a roller derby match played in a carpark afterhours meets a New York supperclub, Lunch Beat is uniting communities with the exhilaration of a lunchtime boogie.

With an almost rebellious air, hundreds of city dwellers are fleeing their offices at 12:00 pm on the dot and racing to transformed garages and other enclosed spaces for a power hour of dancing, with a sandwich on the side.

Founded in 2010 by 28-year-old concept developer Molly Ränge in Stockholm, the first event features a mere 14 people busting a move. Since then, the phenomenon has grown to deliver regular events all throughout Sweden and worldwide, uniting strangers of all ages and occupations for a single hour.

With the idea of injecting a little playfulness into each day, Lunch Beat helps to combat the post-lunch sluggishness that can overwhelm those not living in a country lucky enough to worship the siesta. Heightening moods, encouraging community participation and taking the term ‘business lunch’ to a new level, enjoy a sandwich on the dance floor (or take one away with you), with an endorphin-heavy happiness adding a touch of magic to the remainder of the day.

While not currently spicing up lunch breaks in Brisbane, those with an entrepreneurial nature can get started organising our city’s first event via the Lunch Beat Start-up Guide.

To find out more about what’s on in Brisbane, head to our Event Guide.


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