TWE Garrison Town, Brisbane City

Garrison Town takes you back to Brisbane in 1942

What is a typical day like for you? It’s likely that you wake up to the sound of your phone’s alarm, before jumping on the train or bus to get to work, where you plug away at a computer all day, heading out to grab lunch and perhaps an afternoon coffee. And, if it’s a good day, you may even make your gym or yoga class after work.

Rewind the clock back to Brisbane in 1942, however, and a typical day of the city’s dwellers went a lot differently. To step back in time and experience what city life was like during World War II, you can take the Garrison Town tour of Brisbane – period dressing is optional, though this is the perfect opportunity to sport your favourite lace gloves or pocket watch.

The project is a collaboration between local creative lasses Amy-Clare McCarthy, Tegan McCarthy and Grace Purton-Long, who have created a website that will take you around the streets of Brisbane City and immerse participants in the story of Rosie and Patrick. As you pad about the city, following a map, reading letters and listening to audio of Patrick and Rosie, you’ll take part in a pivotal day in Brisbane’s history – November 26, 1942, which was the day the Battle of Brisbane broke out.

To follow Patrick and Rosie’s story, lace up your walking shoes and head to the Garrison Town website, where you can download the map and start exploring the Brisbane of old.


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