Let's talk about sex (and love, and suicide, and guinea pigs) with Fleabag

Let’s talk about sex (and love, and suicide, and guinea pigs) with Fleabag

Any woman who has consumed any form of visual media in their life (so basically all of us living here in the first world) would be able to tell you that popular representations of females are far from realistic. Since the dawn of time we’ve had it drilled in to us that we have to look, act and live a certain way – and the pressure is bloody exhausting. Going through life without seeing other women doing the natural things we do – farting, watching porn, having periods, sleeping with strangers and the like – can lead us to believe that we are freaks of nature. If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t living up to society’s towering expectations, it’s time you got acquainted with Fleabag. Coming to the Brisbane Powerhouse from February 8–10, she’s the anti-heroine we need and the one we deserve.

Spawned from the honest, brilliant and totally perverse mind of British actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag is an emotional rollercoaster of a production based on the eponymous cult TV series. Inspired by great writers like Nora Ephron and Lena Dunham, Phoebe created a character who is as flawed as she is loveable – not an easy task. Our unlikely heroine is a woman just trying to navigate her way through this mess we call life, juggling the recent loss of her best friend to suicide, a string of messy casual sex encounters, a hefty pinch of daddy issues and the somewhat tenuous fate of her guinea pig-themed cafe. Bit of a handful, huh?

When it comes to the stage production of Fleabag, Phoebe has carefully entrusted the role to British actor Maddie Rice. After absolutely nailing an audition and being personally chosen by Phoebe, Maddie has stepped into Flea’s shoes to perform at London’s Soho Theatre, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and even Sydney Festival in January this year. There was some initial apprehension that anyone but Phoebe herself could play the iconic role, but both leading ladies and critics alike can agree that Maddie absolutely slays in the stage show.

Tickets to Fleabag are on sale through Ticketek right now, with several shows already sold out, so jump right on it if you’re keen.

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