Socially conscious Gordon Hookey shows at Milani Gallery

Socially conscious Gordon Hookey shows at Milani Gallery

There comes a point when rhetoric alone is not enough to really illustrate the depth of an issue in the audience’s mind.

An artist familiar with the two very different worlds that delicately co-exist within Australia, Gordon Hookey was born in Cloncurry in rural Queensland, is a member of the Waanyi people, and also studied at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney.

With his paintbrush as his microphone, Gordon uses each brushstroke to highlight and depict the cultural divisions that currently exist within Australian society. In many of Gordon’s colourful paintings, the poignant message lies in a carefully selected word or phrase, often drawn from the emotive rhetoric surrounding Aboriginal affairs. When positioned within the image, the language becomes laden with significance. Gordon also uses his art to tackle other contentious issues, including global warming.

A selection of the artist’s most recent paintings, sculptures and drawings are being exhibited at the Milani Gallery in Woolloongabba until March 17.

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