Engage with Stop For Art on The Goodwill Bridge this weekend

Engage with Stop For Art on The Goodwill Bridge this weekend

Unsuspecting cyclists, joggers and casual meanderers are in for a pleasant surprise as they cross The Goodwill Bridge this weekend, as a series of pop-up art works entice and intrigue along the bustling passage.

Produced by students from the Queensland College of Art at Griffith University, Stop For Art showcases the collaborative works of 18 local artists over four days on Brisbane’s Goodwill Bridge. Designed to encourage bridge-goers to pause their daily motions and interact with the art, the exhibition is displayed outside of a traditional gallery environment to challenge the idea that art is for an elite audience.

Each day, new installations and performances will present ideas of travel and portable art, the connection between art and play, the body as a vehicle and domestic violence awareness. Through each artwork, Stop For Art will entice, distract and engage passersby, evoking fresh reactions to the possibilities of art outside of the white box.

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