Escape the rat race at Death Valley Fun Camp

Escape the rat race at Death Valley Fun Camp

These days, we’re all weighed down with bills to pay, deadlines to meet and traffic to battle. Boring! Get away from it all for 24-hours by escaping to Death Valley Fun Camp.

It may sound a little Wolf Creek-esque but don’t let the name freak you out. Death Valley Fun Camp is actually the perfect place to go when you want to pack up troubles and focus on the good stuff in life, like stuffing your face, drinking beer and dancing to sweet tunes.

Brought to you by our fun-loving friends at Death Valley, this 24-hour getaway for adults (although kids are welcome, too!) is located 1.5 hours away from Brisbane at the picture-perfect location of Lake Moorgerah. Much like a school camp (only exponentially cooler), you’ll get to partake in a bunch of pretty swell activities like felt flag making, mud running, vegetable pickling, and trying not to fall out of a kayak. Once night falls, you’ll help prep and serve a tasty dinner alongside with the cooks from The Southside Tea Room and Jacob Knauth from Lucky Egg, then dance around a roaring camp fire to a covers set from Top Shelf Wedding Band. We should probably mention that there will also be plenty of craft beer being poured from actual beer taps by an actual bartender. Yep. Now, that’s camping.

What are you waiting for? Get your ticket to 24-hours of freedom here.

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