Get a snippet of the bigger picture at GOMA's new collage-centric exhibition Cut It

Get a snippet of the bigger picture at GOMA’s new collage-centric exhibition Cut It

Made famous by influential artists like Jean Dubuffet, Kurt Schwitters, Man Ray, Henri Matisse and even Andy Warhol, collaging is a technique of art creation where art results from an assemblage of different forms, in the end creating a new whole. This transformative mode of art was best described by art historian Pavel Zoubok, who said “Collage is the cut, the tear, the rupture and the overlay of our contemporary culture. It is the hybrid language of urbanity – remixed, re-contextualised, and wholly built from the fragments of daily life”. GOMA’s new exhibition, Cut It: Collage to Meme, will explore this creative form of art and will showcase how artists have added layers to the meaning of pictures through the inventive techniques of collage, montage and sampling.

Running from Friday August 29, 2020 to Sunday August 29, 2021, GOMA’s riveting new exhibition Cut It will slice into our insatiable consumption of images – whether it be through Instagram, news-watching or Netflix binging – and give new meaning to what we see. The exhibition’s collaged artworks will bring together pictures from newspapers, movies, the internet and art history, resulting in some truly eye-catching works that try to express new ideas through the culmination of old ones.

Asking visitors to put their thinking caps on, Cut It will also explore how collage and its process of dissecting objects and adding layers allows both the artist and the consumer to see life in a radical new way. The exhibition will delve into how artists reimagine the constant train of imagery we consume as part of a larger effort to rethink what said images mean amongst the bigger picture. To delve deeper into the exhibition, curator Ellie Buttrose will host a virtual lecture on Cut It on Wednesday August 12, giving a behind-the-curtain look into the exhibition and talking about the influence that art history has on modern-day visual culture. Interested? Tickets can be secured here.

GOMA will open to a limited number of visitors from Friday August 7 and will utilise a timed-entry ticket system. In order to reopen and to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing for visitors, staff and volunteers, there will be a limit on the number of people in the Gallery to ensure safe distancing, an increased frequency of cleaning, hand-washing and sanitiser facilities, and there will also be distance markers for queuing. To book your free timed ticket to QAGOMA, head here.

Image credit: Andy Warhol /(Untitled) (from ‘Ladies and gentlemen’ portfolio) 1975 / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art /Purchased 1995 with funds from the 1994 International Exhibitions Program.

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