Federal Government launches official coronavirus app and WhatsApp channel to keep Aussies informed

Federal Government launches official coronavirus app and WhatsApp channel to keep Aussies informed

Now more than ever, we’re glued to our phones in a bid to keep up with and decipher rapidly changing government advice, announcements and restrictions – not to mention the time we’re spending scrolling through the surplus of jovial (yet highly relevant) isolation memes for a brief hit of positivity. To cut through the noise and make things a little easer, the Federal Government has launched an official coronavirus app and has joined the WhatsApp messaging service to give Australians instant access to the information they need to know.

For WhatsApp users (it’s easy to sign up if you’re not) all you need to do is add the government’s WhatsApp number into your contacts – which you’ll find here – and send it a message. You’ll instantly get a message back with instructions on how to access specific information. It’s essentially a messenger bot that provides you with instant and trusted updates on everything that’s relevant right now, from the latest news and numbers to travel advice and support for businesses.

You can also find everything you need via the official Coronavirus Australia app, which can be downloaded via the Apple Store and Google Play. If you’re feeling unwell, there’s a symptom checker, and there’s also need-to-know advice on everything from personal hygiene and self-isolation to financial support for employees and businesses. You can easily view COVID-19 numbers, voluntarily register your own self-isolation to help the government collect information, as well as access the latest official announcements, media releases and transcripts from press conferences. Everything you need – be it advice on protecting yourself and your family, relevant data, or knowing the latest restrictions – is all there at your fingertips. Read it, take it in and act on it.

Here at The Weekend Edition, we’re continuing to keep you updated on the day’s top coronavirus stories through our Quick Quarantine Updates. We know the government’s bulk announcements can easily send you into information overload, so for a more digestible rundown on the latest announcements and restrictions, our dissecting SCOMO updates will help.

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