Celebrate the life of John Cage at Judith Wright

Celebrate the life of John Cage at Judith Wright

John Cage was a leading figure in the post war avant-garde scene. Perhaps best known for his collaborations and performance pieces, the most recognised of which is 4.33 – a piece of music comprising of the absence of deliberate sound – John changed the way music was created and consumed.

This year would have marked John Cage’s 100th birthday and as a testament to the fact that while his body may perish the man lives on, the Judith Wright Centre is holding a three-day festival to celebrate the life and works of this prolific composer, artist, writer and philosopher.

Comprising of a mix of events, the festival includes reworkings of John’s films and music, as well as modern compositions and performance pieces based on Cage’s unique methods. It won’t be difficult to become engrossed in the moment, with onlookers potentially finding themselves an ‘instrument’ within one of the compositions.

Featuring an all-star team of local, national and international guests, including Valerio Tricoli and Werner Dafeldecker, Kroumata Percussion and Decibel, The Cage in Us will be a multi-arts experience as inventive and adventurous as the man himself.

Image via Sarasota Visual Art.

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