Breaking BAD – our handy guide to navigating BRISBANE ART DESIGN
Breaking BAD – our handy guide to navigating BRISBANE ART DESIGN
Breaking BAD – our handy guide to navigating BRISBANE ART DESIGN
Breaking BAD – our handy guide to navigating BRISBANE ART DESIGN
Breaking BAD – our handy guide to navigating BRISBANE ART DESIGN

Breaking BAD – our handy guide to navigating BRISBANE ART DESIGN

Lovers of all things bold, beautiful and eye-catching, listen up – Brisbane is about to unleash a wave of work from its best and brightest creatives in a brand-new exhibition and festival! We’re talking BRISBANE ART DESIGN (BAD), the massive conglomerate that celebrates talented people of Brisbane both past and present. Comprising of a major exhibition at Museum of Brisbane accompanied by a festival of complementary events spread across more than 25 locations, BAD is a brilliant beast of a thing – so we thought we’d help you out and break it down for you.

The exhibition
We’ll start our BRISBANE ART DESIGN guide with the program’s biggest component – the core exhibition [email protected], making a home at Museum of Brisbane from May 10 until August 11. This amazing collection of work shines a light on artists and designers that either call Brisbane home or have been influenced by our fine city in the past. Those exhibiting range from fresh faces to established names across a whopping range of disciplines – we’re talking robotics, performance art, video, installation, ceramics, jewellery and painting.

The activities
Getting hands-on is one of the most fun aspects of a festival, and BAD is offering up some truly killer workshops and activations to take part in. You can indulge in some make-it-yourself action with resin goddess Liana Kabel or quirky jewellery queen Nicole Casella from Yippy Whippy, meet fellow illustrators and comic artists while chilling with Phoebe Paradise, get first-hand lowdown on textile design from Julie Paterson, plus plenty more goodness where that came from.

The talks
One of the best ways to learn about something is to hear from the experts, which you can do plenty of during the BRISBANE ART DESIGN festival. The range of speakers during the festival is as varied as the program itself – you can catch inspiring presentations from the oculists from Artificial Eyes, Cameron Hickey from the Technology for Ageing and Disability Queensland, Scott Redford and Anthony Lister in conversation, a panel of sharp-minded designers talking about keeping it real … the list goes on.

The tours
As much as wandering through an exhibition by yourself is a treat, tours provide inside insight and new perspectives. There are a number of guided tours to take advantage of during BAD festival – explore Brisbane’s street-art scene by bike, join BAD curator Miranda Hine for a closer look at the exhibition or stay up late at The Cube. If you like food and art in equal measure, the BADTours of Fish Lane and the Brisbane CBD perfectly combine the two – explore these two cultural hotspots and take your tastebuds on an adventure.

This is just a small taste of what you can expect to find at BRISBANE ART DESIGN – to immerse yourself in the whole jam-packed festival program and to learn more about the exhibition, head to the BAD website.

Image credits
Kellie O’Dempsey, Becoming Becoming, installation performance view featuring Felix Sampson from Dance North (2018). Photo by Angela Little.
Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan and the Fruitjuice Factory Studio, “Prototypes” After In-Habit: Project Another Country (2019). Photo by David Kelly.
Craig & Karl, Triptych (2018). Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai. Image courtesy the artists.
Derlot, QTZ Chairs. Photo by Florian Groehn.
Nicolette Johnson, SpireTwo-Pronged Vase (Ore)Crucible I. Image courtesy the artist.

To find out more about what’s on in Brisbane, head to our Event Guide.


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