Behind Closed Doors gives us a peek at private lives

Behind Closed Doors gives us a peek at private lives

Whether it’s overt or more of a guilty pleasure, most of us can admit to having a voyeuristic streak. Now more than ever with social media, it’s a cinch to keep track of people we know and people we don’t – because let’s be real, we’re all guilty of a Facebook stalk. What happens when these curiosities spill over into reality? Behind Closed Doors is coming to QPAC from May 19–27 to scratch that kiss-and-tell itch, combining sensual contemporary dance and seductive modern jazz to give viewers a glimpse into the private lives of (fictional) strangers.

Part of what makes Behind Closed Doors so alluring is the premise – set in a hotel after hours, audiences are invited to take on the role of a secret watcher as both hotel guests and staff put their lives on display. This narrative is controlled by stunning contemporary dancers under the instruction of Natalie Weir, a key choreographer from the esteemed Expressions Dance Company. Behind Closed Doors is something of a revision and reworking of one of Natalie’s earlier pieces called While Others Sleep, also inspired by the human tendency towards voyeurism.

Expressions Dance Company has really pulled out all of the stops for this production, teaming up with Queensland jazz favourites Trichotomy to create an accompanying score that enhances both the playfulness and vulnerability of the subject matter. As an extra treat, special guests in the form of Brisbane-based vocalist Kristin Berardi and saxophonist Rafael Karlen will join the trio. The musicians appear onstage with the dancers, adding another layer of intrigue and complexity to the performance.

If you can’t wait to see what happens Behind Closed Doors, you can pick up tickets through QPAC right now.

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