Brush up on your brew knowledge when Matt Kirkegaard launches the Beer Book Club

Brush up on your brew knowledge when Matt Kirkegaard launches the Beer Book Club

The concept of a book club is pretty cool – what’s not to love about gathering with a group of people to chat about something you all enjoy? A casual, no-pressure environment to have open discussions and a bit of fun can be hard to come by, so bona fide brew authority Matt Kirkegaard has decided to distil this sense of community and conversation into one of his greatest passions – beer. The Beer Book Club is a brand-new event focused on education and appreciation – just, y’know, minus the whole reading part.

If you don’t mind a good brew but feel a bit lost trying to keep up with Brisbane’s blossoming craft-beer scene, the Beer Book Club is the place for you. Matt started the club as a way for those with an interest in the world of craft beer to dip their toes in without feeling intimidated (which you’ll understand if you’ve ever witnessed full-on hop-heads nerding out over a particular brew). The Beer Book Club is a chill, friendly and accessible way for anyone with an interest in craft beer to learn more about it – starting with the very basics.

Beer Book Club kicks off today, Thursday February 28, with an introductory session at The Alliance Hotel being dedicated to lagers and ales. Tickets get you a light meal and six samples of beer, as well as a front-row seat to Matt’s expert but chill explanation of the two main styles of suds. Future sessions will delve into different styles, with pilsners and pale ales next on the list to cover off. Can’t make it to a session but suffering from FOMO? Craft Wine Store will be making book packs that outline everything that goes down at the Beer Book Club, including which beers were explored along with tasting notes.

Want to join the Beer Book Club? These events will be running monthly for as long as people are keen – keep an eye on the Facebook page for events coming up.

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