Become a Daydream Believer at IMA in Fortitude Valley

Become a Daydream Believer at IMA in Fortitude Valley

Embodying the spirit of a daydreamer, an artist renders the dreams, images and themes floating about in their head onto canvas and, in turn, inspires those who view the work to continue dreaming.

IMA’s latest exhibition Daydream Believers looks at contemporary artists who draw upon abstract and retro techniques to convey their daydreams.

The exhibition compiles work from a number of contemporary artists including David Noonan, whose work is pictured above. David is an Australian artist based in London who takes inspiration from 1970s counterculture. He enlarges black-and-white photographic works onto linen and jute canvases using screen-printing techniques to emphasise contrast and coarse dot screens.

Other artists featured in the exhibition include Sydney painter John Spiteri and London-based sculptor Francis Upritchard, who is known for her colourful figurines.

The exhibition starts on April 21 and runs until June 9.

If all this talk of Daydream Believers has put the song by The Monkees in your head, you can watch the music clip here.

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