Parlez-vous français? Learn the language of love with Alliance Française's online classes
Parlez-vous français? Learn the language of love with Alliance Française's online classes

Parlez-vous français? Learn the language of love with Alliance Française’s online classes

Life in quarantine has led many of us to seek out new hobbies and learn new skills – from monkeying around with banana bread (hopefully not the burnt kind) and finding new muscles during at-home yoga classes. Alongside self-isolation baking and bootleg sweat sessions, intellectual endeavours – such as learning a new language – has also proved popular among the masses. With so many foreign tongues to choose from, one that continues to challenge new learners is the language of love aka French. Whether you’re planning to visit the Eiffel Tower once travel restrictions have eased, want to add a new skill to your resume or even learn as a party trick to show off to your friends – grasping the beautiful language of France has just been made easier with Alliance Française’s online classes. Perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners no matter what age, these online tutorials will help you master the French dialect so you can emerge from this isolation period with a fancy new language in your toolkit (and most likely a beret on your head too).

When faced with the prospect of learning a new language, most of us tend to feel a little overwhelmed. Thankfully, French language and cultural hub Alliance Française has got our backs with a range of easy-to-access online classes suitable for every level of learning – whether you are a beginner or a full-on Francophile. The classes, which are taught by Brisbane-based teachers from Paris, Lyon, Brussels and Montreal, have been modified so that adults, teens and little ones can master the French language. Beginners can start their journey with the basics, such as learning the vocabulary and language structures required to greet others (bonjour!), introduce themselves (Je m’appelle … ), ask for a glass of sauvignon blanc, buy a ticket for the Louvre and much more. Advanced beginners can learn how to add to their vocabulary, by delving into French culture, Parisian cliches, French films (a good excuse to re-watch Amélie) and TV series. Intermediate learners will take an international journey to other French-speaking countries (hello Canada!) as well as write a biography of a famous French historical person. Advanced intermediates will debate the French media, read French comic books and discuss art, history and literature topics. Finally, advanced students can perfect their knowledge of the French language by discussing any topic imaginable, and participating in tailor-made classes so that they can perfect the language to a tee.

The new live and online two-hour class format (which for now are being held via Zoom due to social-distancing measures) has been based on expert research to maximise the practise of online learning. It’s as easy as logging in ten minutes before class to say “bonjour”, followed by 55 minutes of class time, a 15 minute brain break, a second 50 minute session and finally, free chat time. The classes are held once every week for six weeks and are held on a selection of days from Monday to Saturday at varied times.

So you can pop into your favourite French patisserie and order a croissant and un café like a native-speaker, jump on the Alliance Française website to learn more and check out the classes that are available to enrol in. There’s even an early bird discount (up to 10-percent off) if you book in before Monday June 1. Bonne chance!

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