A new documentary explores The New York Times

A new documentary explores The New York Times

The New York Times still conjures classic images of gentlemen in tweed jackets carrying leather briefcases, the whirring of an ancient printing press and newsboys chanting the morning headlines to passersby.

But the truth is, you do not become one of the greatest newspapers in the world without constantly being one step ahead of the pack. While the New York Times still embodies old-world reporting, it has also embraced the digital age with gusto, begging the question, how will print continue to be a viable source of news?

Page One: Inside the New York Times delves into the soul of the newspaper, providing glimpses of passionate pitches, heated debates and the transformation to digital journalism. Through interviews with some of the newspaper’s most well known journalists, this documentary questions how the newspaper will continue to provide free online news and looks at how the loss of a tangible newspaper will affect society as a whole.

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