Teahouses in temples, Middle Eastern desserts and aquatic adventures – ten unexpected reasons why you should visit Logan
Teahouses in temples, Middle Eastern desserts and aquatic adventures – ten unexpected reasons why you should visit Logan
Teahouses in temples, Middle Eastern desserts and aquatic adventures – ten unexpected reasons why you should visit Logan
Teahouses in temples, Middle Eastern desserts and aquatic adventures – ten unexpected reasons why you should visit Logan

Teahouses in temples, Middle Eastern desserts and aquatic adventures – ten unexpected reasons why you should visit Logan

Sometimes overlooked because of the bigger cities that it borders, it’s easy to compare Logan to a middle child. Nestled between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Logan is a city abundant with natural beauty, delicious eateries, historical sites and outdoor adventures. We are on a mission to no longer neglect our sometimes overlooked sibling, and so we have rounded up some must-visit places and exciting events for you to tackle on your next Logan adventure. Without further ado, here are ten unexpected reasons why you should visit Logan (and no, before you ask, Swedish meatballs isn’t one of them).

Indulge in mouth-watering Asian eats in a Buddhist Temple
Found in a peaceful corner of the Chung Tian Buddhist Temple in Priestdale, Water Drop Teahouse is a quaint cafe that serves up delicious eats in a relaxing environment. The eatery, which is a local’s favourite, serves freshly made vegetarian dishes including steamed dumplings, noodles, spring rolls, traditional soups, as well as cakes and coffee. This is one tantalising teahouse to tick off your bucket list.

Shop up a storm at this Sunday market
Get a first-hand taste of Logan’s cultural diversity at one of the city’s hidden attractions, the Global Food Market, a culinary melting pot that opens every Sunday. Bring your tote bags along and snag seasonal produce you’d only expect to find overseas including dragonfruit, jackfruit, custard apples, lychees, rambutan, mangosteen and much more. While you’re there, treat yourself to a sizzling selection of global cuisines including Southeast Asian, Indian, African, Pacific Islander and Middle Eastern.

Indulge in sensational scones and sips at the Kingston Butter Factory
Located in the old caretaker’s cottage at the Kingston Butter Factory Cultural Precinct, Devon Pixies is a cosy teahouse that offers scrumptious high teas and old country charm. Visitors can sit in the delightful indoor tea room or soak up some sun on the outdoor verandah whilst they enjoy a Grandma-approved traditional high tea complete with fluffy scones served with jam and cream.

Step back in time and visit the historic Mayes Cottage
Nestled on a hill among mammoth mango trees, Mayes Cottage is a colonial house museum where visitors can learn about Logan’s rich heritage and history. The cottage, originally built in 1887, is a reminder of Queensland’s pioneering age and includes the original slab hut, cowbells, barn and cream shed. Visitors are welcome to roll out a rug and enjoy a picnic or take a tour with friendly volunteer guides that are sure to fill your noggin with next-level knowledge.

Saddle up and go mountain bike riding
Like to ride? Love donning the lycra? Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that Logan has got plenty of trails so you can get your cycling sesh in whilst you immerse yourself in nature. For those looking for a two-wheeled adventure, Daisy Hill has kilometres of top-notch recreational trails that are suited for mountain-bike adventures. Explorers who like to keep their feet on the ground can trek through Daisy Hill Conservation Park, a lush natural playground full of eucalypt forests and glistening billabongs.

Take your tastebuds on a globetrotting adventure
Nestled in middle of Logan Central is a culturally diverse treasure chest of unique food offerings, affectionally coined ‘The Golden Circle’. Within this 200-sqm foodie haven you’ll find Middle Eastern bakeries and restaurants, Indian and Afghan supermarkets, a Burmese restaurant, and lively locales offering a host of African, Asian, European and Pacific Island produce and groceries. Warning – you might need someone to roll you out of this flavourful precinct.

Embark on an incredible and educational cultural journey 
Launched in 2017, Spirits of the Red Sand is a must-visit experience that encompasses the history, beauty and vibrancy of the Aboriginal people. During the day, visitors can learn about all aspects of traditional Aboriginal life including boomerang painting and bush-tucker tasting. When the stars start shining, guests can lap up a delicious dinner and theatre experience that takes you from Dreamtime to 1800s-era Australia when the British and Aboriginal ways of life collide.

Paddle through Logan River
Those who have a particular penchant for aquatic adventures can paddle through the Logan and Albert Rivers kayak trails, which offer a bounty of picturesque panoramas. Whether paddling for exercise or you’re bringing along the fishing rods, there’s a trail for everyone to explore, with rivers winding down through farmlands, bushland blocks, urban suburbs and tidal flats in Logan. To make things even easier, you can download a canoe and kayak trail map here.

Sample some icy-cold beers at this brewery
Have a thirst to quench? Wet your whistle at Monkey Tree Brewing, a beloved microbrewery found in the heart of Underwood. Specialising in small batches and good vibes, Monkey Tree boasts a refreshing range of craft beers, ciders and non-boozy concoctions. Each batch is brewed onsite, crafted using traditional recipes and is free from chemicals and preservatives. On weekends, live music fills the venue or if you’re looking to host a milestone celebration, you can hire out Monkey Tree for good times and great beers guaranteed.

Sate your sweet tooth with Middle Eastern delicacies
Last but not least – and definitely the sweetest addition on this list – is Sooo Sweet, a Lebanese bakery found in Slacks Creek. This dessert-lovers dream destination serves up a lip-smacking line-up of traditional Lebanese and Mediterranean pastries and delicacies – think baklava, tiramisu cups, date shortbreads, petite-fours and mushabbak – a sweet and crispy Middle Eastern dessert that is reminiscent of a funnel cake. Good luck with not going overboard on these takeaway treats.

This article was created in partnership with our friends at City of Logan. 


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