The Roadtrip Series: explore the hidden hinterland magic of Montville

The Roadtrip Series: explore the hidden hinterland magic of Montville

We’re here to tell you that an escape to the country isn’t just a very soothing BBC program – fresh air, rolling green hills and perfectly blue skies abound at the sparkling gem of Montville. Nestled in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, culture and nature combine to create a thriving town packed with heart and soul. From high-end quality retail to pure natural wonder, Montville has surprises hidden around every tree-lined corner. Together with our official site partner Mercedes-Benz Brisbane and its well-travelled ambassador Sofie Formica, we’ve planned the perfect getaway to Montville for you – all you have to do is schedule the roadtrip.

Bean me up, Scotty
Starting your day off with a good brew is crucial, and a trip to Little May Espresso will sort out any and all caffeine withdrawal symptoms. If you can tear your eyes away from the stunning brick façade, your eyes will be greeted with delicious (and affordable) breakfast and lunch options, as well as a delightful range of handmade treats.

twe-mercbenzroadtrip-chocolatecountrySweet like chocolate
We can’t stop here – it’s Chocolate Country! Hunter S. Thompson jokes aside, you’d be a fool to pass on what these guys are offering. Using only legit Belgian chocolate and sourcing the best natural ingredients they can, the gang at Chocolate Country also use local products wherever possible to create a mouth-watering range of truffles, slabs and novelty gifts. Just try to stop at one – we dare you.

twe-mercbenzroadtrip-marycairncrossPack a picnic
Dotted with picnic tables and barbecues, the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is a ripper of a spot to set down for a bite to eat. Pack yourself a little something to eat and take in the splendour of nature, then hit up one of the tranquil walking tracks. The reserve is teeming with weird and wonderful wildlife, so keep your eyes peeled for the natives.

twe-mercbenzroadtrip-towncentreGo to town
Montville’s aptly named Main Street is packed to the adorable cobblestones with things to see, do and eat. From artisans such as Montville Woods and The Opalcutter to the very micro microbrewery Wild Rocket, you’ll be surprised by what you find combined in the one area.

twe-mercbenzroadtrip-clockshopAlways on time
There’s something so undeniably charming about a handmade timepiece. When you walk into the quaint cottage that houses The Clock Shop, you can feel the love that’s gone into every piece. Owners Phil and Fran are local legends with a direct connection to authentic German suppliers – from majestic grandfather clocks to beautifully carved cuckoo clocks, these guys will give you a new appreciation for all things time.

twe-mercbenzroadtrip-fudgyGet fudged up
Ask anyone from the Coast what’s good in Montville and you’re guaranteed to get many enthusiastic people telling you tales of the most amazing fudge they’ve ever tasted. Said fudge comes from the kitchens of fudgyboombahs – locals Greg and Gayle Jones run the tasty operation out of their Montville shopfront with a small but dedicated staff. With flavours like cappuccino, Irish cream and Jaffa fudge as well as a hefty selection of classic candy, it’s a sweet-lover’s dream.

twe-mercbenzroadtrip-flamehillWine time
Wine rules, and seeing where your wine comes from rules. Not only is Flame Hill a delight to look at, but it’s also an ethical and sustainable haven for everyone’s favourite way to appreciate grapes. Stroll around and take in the sea view bluff, kick up your feet on the sun-drenched terrace, or spread out a picnic rug and enjoy a hamper prepared in-house by the amazing chefs.

twe-mercbenzroadtrip-kondalillaDo go chasing waterfalls
Despite what TLC may have taught you, waterfalls are where it’s at. They don’t come much more breathtaking than Kondalilla, a sprawling national park filled with more greenery and scenery than you can poke a stick at. As the days heat up, the ideal escape is the forested waterhole – let the crisp, clear water cool you off after a walk through the park.

twe-mercbenz-baroonDamned if you don’t
Montville is well-known for its stunning scenery, and one way to make the most of it is to have a little wine and cheese time on the shady shores of Baroon Pocket Dam. The lush green grass and tranquil waters of Lake Baroon create the perfect backdrop for a leisurely afternoon of grown-up snacking, so pack yourself a hamper and bust out the old checkered picnic blanket!

twe-mercbenzroadtrip-longapronDine on fine and fancy fare
Chef Hatted restaurant The Long Apron has a lot to celebrate – the European-inspired menus feature a la carte options to the tune of aged wagyu tartare, suckling pig and even malted potato ice cream – talk about things that make you say ‘One of everything, thanks’! The Long Apron combines country-style service and hospitality with a fine dining experience, meaning you get all the flash without the pretence.

twe-mercbenzroadtrip-clovellyestateStickin’ around
A day trip is fine and dandy, but we think you’d agree that there’s a whole lot of excellence on this list that would have you wanting to spend a little more time in Montville. The stunning surrounds of Spicers Clovelly Estate create the perfect backdrop for a mini-break, and the luxurious interiors will have you feeling like a movie star indulging in a chic hinterland retreat.

This post was created with our good friend Sofie Formica, ambassador for our official site partner Mercedes-Benz Brisbane


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