The Roadtrip Series: kickstart your heart with our top adrenaline-fuelled activities

The Roadtrip Series: kickstart your heart with our top adrenaline-fuelled activities

Real talk, guys – we’ve well and truly surpassed the halfway point of the year. It feels like it’s been an age since that wild block of back-to-back public holidays and Christmas is still a while away yet. Odds are you may have stagnated a bit – you know, fallen into the brutal routine of hanging out for the weekend and then blowing it all on chores. It’s time to shake things up and seek adventure! Stand up against mediocrity and take a day to create some mother-heckin’ memories! Have something worthwhile to say during the Monday morning watercooler chat! We’ve teamed up with our official site partner Mercedez-Benz Brisbane and its adrenaline-junkie ambassador Sofie Formica to bring you some activity ideas that are guaranteed to kickstart your heart and provide a serious rush.

Ready to get wet and wild? Here are a few options perfect for when the weather heats up. Power over, under and through the waves with a jet boat ride at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast on a purpose-built vessel that reaches twice the speed of a normal jet boat. While we’re on the subject of the Sunshine Coast, kitesurfing is an easy and affordable way to see the beauty of the coastline but still get a rush going. For something totally different that you may not have heard of, why not give flyboarding a crack? It’s pretty much the lovechild of a jetpack and a hoverboard, all taking place in the water – extremely entertaining and very futuristic. Channel your inner Tarzan at Gardners Falls in Maleny, where you can fly through the air on a rope swing and take the plunge into the refreshing waters below.
Image: Tourism and Events Queensland

Hot wheels
For those chasing high-octane thrills, this is for you. If you have a competitive streak, might we suggest challenging your posse to some hot laps at Slideways Go-Karting? If you prefer your speedy kicks with two wheels, check out these self-guided motorbike tour routes around the Sunshine Coast – scenery and off-road action ahoy! Make a weekend of your thrill-seeking and head to Stradbroke Island where the crew from Adrenaline will take care of you – think dune buggies, quad bikes and tobogganing in paradise. For something totally bonkers and out there, consider a Centurion Tank Ride Experience – you get to roll around in a badass tanker that will totally make you feel like you’re in Mad Max.

Get high
Those with a fear of heights need not apply for these activities. Let’s start local – a must-do for any Brisbane adrenaline-seeker is the classic Story Bridge Adventure Twilight Climb. Just imagine the views from up there! This is one of only three bridge adventure climbs in the world so you know it’s legit. The Gold Coast is your go-to if you’ve ever wanted to run away and join the circus – flip out over an action-packed 90-minute flying trapeze class. For something super-scenic with a thrilling edge, book a ride in a ‘doors off’ seaplane around the Sunshine Coast – take off from the Maroochy River and cruise around the coast with no limits. Head south to Byron Bay to reach new heights, where you can get amongst some tandem skydiving or even hang gliding if you’re in the mood to soar.

Nature lovers
Feeling like you need to get in touch with nature but not so down with the zen life? Try these on for size. Go on a little roadtrip to Rainbow Beach and then ditch your wheels for a saddle – depending on your skill level you can trot along the shore or go splashing in the waves with your four-legged mate. Whale watching is great, but whale swimming is next level – go on a Sunreef tour and paddle alongside the majestic ocean giants. If whales are a little tame for you, take it up a notch and get finny with an extreme shark dive care of Sea Life Sunshine Coast.  For fitness fanatics, you can challenge yourself to a serious climb at Mount Ngungun at the Glass House Mountains – make it extra special by heading off early and aiming to reach the summit for a sunrise that will knock you out. Back at home, Kangaroo Point is the perfect spot to get right to the edge with abseiling and rock climbing experiences available through Riverlife.

Just for fun
If you’re keen for a group-based buzz, there are several awesome options worth gathering your posse for. First and foremost, escape rooms are a great way to unleash your inner Sherlock and use some quick thinking skills – not to mention there are some very spooky ones getting around if you need an extra level of excitement. You can throwback to your pre-teen party years and get your laser tag on at Riverside, where you can get a sweat on and then feast on a delicious Aussie barbecue when you’re done. Battle your mates with a round of paintball at Skirmish Samford where landscape is rough, rugged and full of surprises.

This post was created with our good friend Sofie Formica, ambassador for our official site partner Mercedes-Benz Brisbane. Vehicle pictured is the new Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 Sport.


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