World's largest rooftop garden set for California

World’s largest rooftop garden set for California

There are plenty of impressive achievements that come out of Silicon Valley, one of which could soon be the world’s largest rooftop garden.

An ageing shopping centre in California’s Silicon Valley might soon to be revived thanks to the vision of architect Rafael Viñoly, who has designed what will become the world’s largest rooftop garden, if the plan is approved.

Nicknamed The Hills at Vallco Scheme, the plan envisions a 20-hectare space near Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, and would include an undulating green roof bigger than any seen before. About 6 km of walking trails would partly cross the roof, while the surrounding community space would also include orchards, vineyards, playgrounds and an amphitheatre. The rooftop greenery would focus on incorporating plants native to the area in order to attract local wildlife to the area.

In the space below the green rooftop will be around 800 apartments, office space, a cinema and a bowling area, proving that commercialisation needn’t always be detrimental to the environment.


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