Smith & Co. makes your home smell lovely

Smith & Co. makes your home smell lovely

Set a charming mood with the Smith & Co. aromatherapy collection.

There’s nothing that makes you feel more welcome than a fresh-smelling abode, but there’s a big difference between a high-quality, delicate scent and an artificial, chemical laden room spray. Erring on the side of chic, the Smith & Co. collection for the home are crafted using botanicals and essential oils via traditional aromatherapy processes.

The New Zealand-based company’s Restore Diffuser Elixir is blended with mandarin, lime leaf and vanilla, making it a wonderful pick-me-up in the evening when you’ve come home from a long day at work. The blend’s restoring elixir subtly combines a herbal base aroma with citrus top notes.

If the flickering glow of a flame is more your style, the Unwind Candle is blended with a green based aroma and top floral notes, combining lemon peel, lavender and cypress, creating a calming and balancing atmosphere. The Smith & Co. range also includes hand cream and wash, meaning you can smell as heavenly as your home even when you’re not there.


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