Jezzine Barracks precinct to launch in Townsville

Jezzine Barracks precinct to launch in Townsville

The Jezzine Barracks land in Townsville will be launched in April as a multi-use public parkland following a $40 million redevelopment. Along with parkland, the 15-hectare redeveloped site will include an amphitheatre, playground, ethno-botanical trail, coastal walk, lookout and the Kissing Point Fort.

The precinct celebrates the area’s links with its indigenous, colonial and military heritage, with design company The Jumbana Group art directing and project managing the creation and installation of more than 30 pieces of artwork and 100 pieces of interpretive signage. Queensland installation artists and local Aboriginal elders and artists were engaged for the public art, recognising the cultural link to the land’s traditional owners, the Bindal and Wulgurukaba peoples.

While the site was almost entirely cleared in its early occupation, some historical native trees remain and have been retained. The ethno-botanical trail tells the stories of the past indigenous use of local coastal plants for medicinal, weapon making, hunting and recreational purposes, while the coastal walk sees a 240-metre boardwalk linking The Strand to the Jezzine precinct and on to Rowes Bay, with views of Cleveland Bay and disability access to the Kissing Point headland.

The redesign sees a strong focus on renewable energy and maximising the use of solar panels to generate 32% of the site’s electricity requirements, while street lights and lighting for security, buildings and landscaped areas will utilise LED technology to reduce power consumption. Stormwater runoff from the Jezzine precinct will also be managed to protect the health of local waterways and safeguard the Great Barrier Reef. The site will play an important role in the ongoing recreational activities of the Townsville community, while also providing important tourism information on the military and indigenous cultural heritage significance of the site and the surrounding area.

The Brigadiers’ Residence and the old barracks building on-site will remain Commonwealth property, with the barracks building being redeveloped to house the North Queensland Army Museum.


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