TWE Harvest Clay

Discover the raw ceramics of Harvest Clay

When we invest in a special piece of pottery – one that’s made lovingly by hand, each bump and grain a beautiful mark that makes that vessel unique – sometimes the piece almost seems too special to use in the day to day. But by using the cup for your morning coffee or the bowl for your porridge, the acts of sipping and spooning from the vessel seem to slow time, the treasured object enhancing the everyday motions.

Intended for intimate, personal use in the every day, Harvest Clay ceramics are handmade and earthy. The creation of Lisa Benny, Harvest Clay pieces are handcrafted and wheel-thrown from dense, durable clay. These stoneware pottery vessels mostly take on a natural colour palette, from light grey and tan to chocolate and dark smoky tones. With a background in interior design, Lisa now applies her discerning eye to forming bowls, plates, cups, vases and tumblers on the Gold Coast.

Those with a penchant for locally made ceramics will find Harvest Clay vessels on the brand’s newly launched website or at Small Stall at Palm Beach.


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