Image: Sherise Fleming, Styling: Inside Four Lines
Image: Sherise Fleming
Image: Sherise Fleming
Image: Sherise Fleming
Image: Emily Adamson

Electric Confetti adds neon vibrancy to your home

Prepare to be dazzled – Electric Confetti’s range of stunning LED fixtures can turn your house into a luminescent fun land.

Are the walls of your living room looking drab? Is your bedroom lacking a energising spark? If so, you need a bit of neon in your life. Melbourne-based artist and designer Natalie Jarvis has fashioned a range of eye-catching LED neon signs that can illuminate any room in your house. Electric Confetti specialises in brilliantly coloured designs, ranging from blooming flowers, multi-layered cakes, fluorescent ice cream, crystalline prisms, fluffy clouds and even Pac Man.

Natalie creates her pieces from LEDs encased in a durable and flexible PVC jacket, meaning there is no risk of shattering or breaking while retaining the iconic glass-blown look. There is no buzz or hum and the whole piece can be plugged directly into any wall outlet (no need to hardwiring by an electrician). Natalie also offers a custom design service where she works with customers to create the perfect piece to suit your specifications – so if you have an idea in mind Natalie can make it a multi-coloured reality! Check out Electric Confetti’s vibrant website to see some of her work.


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