Aesop makes a first foray into homewares with its brass oil burner

Aesop makes a first foray into homewares with its brass oil burner

The Aesop brand is one synonymous with style and simplicity. The hair, skin and body expert has been meticulously crafting cult products since 1987, gaining a solid reputation both here at home in Australia and all around the world. Up until now, the brand’s reach has been strictly within the realm of beauty products – but this is all about to change with the launch of its first-ever homewares product.

When you consider the design and aesthetic principles of the Aesop brand, it seems that venturing into homewares would be a natural progression – and what better introduction than with a brass oil burner? The bricks-and-mortar Aesop stores are already renowned for utilising intelligent and sustainable design, and these principles have carried over into the oil burner. The brand has collaborated with designer Henry Wilson to make the piece, who is the brains behind two of Aesop’s stunning Sydney spaces.

Aesop’s brass oil burner has been locally crafted from solid brass, utilising an ancient wax moulding method to take its shape. The team experimented with a number of materials before landing on brass, which was chosen for its superior heat transfer properties. The burners have been designed to develop a natural patina with use over time, with Henry taking inspiration from the beauty of asymmetry when crafting the shape of the vessel. Aesop is also releasing a new oil blend in conjunction with the burner’s release – Béatrice is the fourth in a range of signature scents for the home, featuring notes of patchouli and cedar atlas.

The Aesop x Henry Wilson oil burner will be available in Aesop stores from September 24.


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