Guy Webster, Composer, Tequila Mockingbird

Nothing is so distracting from the pressures of work as a really good conversation ...

Those who have found themselves tapping their toes or nodding their noodles along to the tunes filling La Boite Theatre, The Zoo and many other Brisbane institutions may well have been listening to the work of Guy Webster. The sound designer, composer and consultant has crafted the soundtracks to many major productions, while also performing and recording music as an accomplished songwriter in his own right. His latest project, Tequila Mockingbird, is set to hit the Cremorne Theatre at QPAC next Wednesday August 21. The Weekend Edition caught Guy between rehearsals to talk weekend essentials.

How do you like to start your weekend?
Cuddles with my lover, then coffee and a cuddle from my son. This should be the start to every day.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning?
Sleep in. Followed by cuddles (as above) and then heading to the markets with the family.

How do you like to unwind?
Going to the beach. I also really love dinners with friends, old and new. I find nothing quite so distracting from the pressures of work as the opportunity to have a really good conversation.

What are your essentials for a well-spent weekend?
It’s a sense of satisfaction – like the feeling you get after a great meal – but mostly it’s about making memories. Time with the family discovering new places, taking the dog and kids to the park, walking on the beach with my lover – all the stuff that makes me feel balanced.

What’s something you’ve been meaning to do on the weekend but haven’t got around to yet?
It sounds stupid but I’ve wanted to make a spontaneous camping trip with my son on a weekend for years and it just hasn’t worked out. We’ve been camping but I’d love to surprise him by picking him up from school on a Friday and just going bush for a couple of days.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday evening?
Sunday roast is pretty awesome at our place. A glass of wine on the deck to go with it and I’m a happy man.

What are you looking forward to next weekend?
Next weekend I’ve got a friend’s 40th birthday party. It’s going to be so much fun – I get a silly grin just thinking about it.

What are you reading at the moment?
I usually have a few things on the go, but at the moment it’s scripts and more scripts. I’m also reading more technical books about sound and production.

What inspires you?
Moments of beauty and tragedy and joy in life and art. Sometimes the tragedy can be hard to take, but it provides the inspiration to take notice of the stuff you’re thankful for.

What was your childhood dream?
I always said I wanted to be an entertainer.

What has been your greatest achievement?
Being a father, of course. I really want to be better at this than anything.

What is success to you?
Having something to wake up for every day and wanting it so bad that you wake up early just to get started.

What are your words of wisdom?
Peace. I’m a hippie at heart.

Only a local would know … Straddie is overseas.


Perk up … Fingal Head, NSW.
Relax … Fingal Head, NSW.
Dine … Popolo, South Bank.
Indulge … Brents Restraurant, Toowong.
Shop … The Outpost or Tym Guitars, Fortitude Valley.
Catch-up … New Farm Park for a picnic.
Be inspired … GOMA or The Zoo, Fortitude Valley.


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