Juan More Taco

Finally, there is an answer for that age old question: ‘How many food trucks does it take to serve up amazing Mexican cuisine to the hungry masses of Brisbane?’. The answer – just Juan. Adding a delicious, home-style spin to traditional Mexican food, Juan More Taco has hit the roadways to deliver tasty tacos and specialty items all around town. Eschewing the established (or Australian-ised) tradition of hard-shell tacos, Juan More Taco specialises in the soft variety. These warm, fresh tortillas are gluten free, and come topped with amazing varieties of pork, beef or chicken. Vegetarian options are available, as are numerous sauces and salsas to add a bit of spice to your bite. As this is a mobile food truck, locations vary, but you can check the website daily for Juan More Taco’s location. If you’re hankerin’ for an authentic Mexican taco in a hurry, don’t worry – you can count on Juan.


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