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Matija Cop

In times when religious orders held the greatest power in society, majestic cathedrals stood tall as the epicentre of a town or city. There’s little doubt that religious acolytes still view these buildings with deep reverence, but even those who lean towards atheism are often left breathtaken by the architectural glory standing before them.

As part of a university experiment in the multiplication of material, Croatian fashion student Matija Čop created the Object 12-1 collection, which mimics the forms and construction techniques found in Gothic architecture. Using a type of UV- and water-resistant foam that feels similar to stone, Matija constructed the collection of dresses without the use of glue or stitches. Instead he employed laser-cutting and plug-and-feather techniques to create different-sized elements that resemble the arches, domes and other sculptural shapes of Gothic architecture. Each of these elements can be rearranged to create individual garments, which, if you look closely, themselves begin to reveal familiar shapes such as turrets, vaulted ceilings and rose windows. One of Matija’s particular architectural inspirations was a chiselled-stone cathedral in Šibenik, Croatia, dating back to the year 153. Just as the cathedral’s architecture was atypical for its time, so too are Matija’s futuristic garments and the material they embody.

Having now graduated from the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Textile Technology with a degree in fashion design, Matija has continued on his design path, creating the costumes for Croatian film Šegrt Hlapić.