SALTWATER – Bleach* Festival

SALTWATER – Bleach* Festival

In a cultural feast for theatre lovers, Bleach* Festival’s SALTWATER presents an evening of storytelling, conversations and food. Asian-style dishes are part of this interactive theatre-meets-dinner-party-at-a-friend’s-house-style show, which will have the audiences sharing a meal with each other, alongside protagonist Jamie.

Jamie finds herself married and migrated all at once. To make things work, she channels the women in her life to find the answers. Travel through Jamie’s memories of Singapore, her childhood, and lessons learnt as she remembers her mother, revealing the inner world of a woman responding to loss, grief, love and commitment.

A convivial affair, SALTWATER is a poignant account of home as Jamie grapples with the gravity of being a wife, 6060km away from her home.

SALTWATER immerses its audience in a disarming dining experience. Sharing food is one of the more sensual, direct ways to access a culture, and unlike most theatre that invokes a communal meal, the audience are invited to help in the preparation and become co-creators of the evening’s events.

This unique theatre and dining experience will unfold at MingSanity restaurant in Chinatown, in the heart of Southport on Friday March 4, Saturday March 5 and Sunday March 6. There will be two performances per day at 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm and bookings are essential.

Bleach* Festival is the Gold Coast’s signature arts and music festival from 4-20 March 2016. Across three huge weekends of Bleach*, hundreds of Gold Coast artists, along with a formidable team of renowned Australian and international artists, will present eight world premieres and a blockbuster line-up of easily accessible and mostly free events. See more information online. 


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