Fashion your favourite scarf into a turban

Fashion your favourite scarf into a turban

First worn by men as symbol of status and religion, the turban is thought to have made its way to the West in the 17th century, where its fashionable applications did not go unnoticed.

Quickly adopted by women, the turban has fallen in and out of favour over the centuries, and remains a fetching way to style your favourite scarf. Carmen Miranda famously explored the full potential of the turban with her elaborate creations, while Miuccia Prada began the modern redux of the turban in 2007 when she sent delicate silk headpieces down the runway. Kate Moss continued to champion the exotic accessory when she sported a gold turban at the 2009 Met Gala, as did Sarah Jessica Parker when she donned a turban in Sex and the City 2.

To create a classic turban, you’ll need a square scarf folded in half to make a triangle. Drape the scarf over your head with the one point of the triangle hanging over your forehead, and the other two hanging near your shoulders. Grab the the lowest points and bring them up above your forehead, twisting them over one another to create a knot. Pull the loose ends tight and tuck under the scarf to finish the look. This process is illustrated on the Oh the Lovely Things Blog.

Hermès scarves come with knotting cards that depict how to fashion a silk scarf into different types of headwear, with the cards taking you through the steps to create classic turbans as well as the more casual retro incarnation that emerged during the 1960s.

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