Knit winter-warmers with The Quizzical Owl yarn

Knit winter-warmers with The Quizzical Owl yarn

Cool mornings and super chilly evenings are becoming all the more prominent as the winter weather begins to show face, meaning it’s almost time to layer on the wool.

If you haven’t already started knitting a winter-warmer scarf or cowl for this year’s chilly season, grab your Art Viva polka dot needles, head to your local cosy cafe and get those fingers purling.

A knitter of six years, Alexandra Hunt taught herself to knit while living in chilly London, where rugging up is the norm and woolly essentials are plentiful. Back in Brisbane, Alexandra began The Quizzical Owl, extending the handmade craft label she started in London to include hand-dyed yarn. Each twisted loop of colourful yarn is named after long-lost cities like Benin and Mesopotamia, inspired by Alexandra’s studies in archaeology and her day job as a museum nerd.

Drawn to eye-catching, bright colours, Alexandra experiments with stove-top dyeing methods to obtain a new tones that can’t be found at your local fabric store. From soothing, subdued pastels to splashes of vibrant greens and purples, The Quizzical Owl wool is available at Handmade Highstreet in Annerley.

Image via Lark Crafts.



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