Nico unisex tees

Local label Nico releases a collection of unisex tees

Appropriate for wearing to bed and out of doors, the humble t-shirt may not be one of the showstoppers in your wardrobe. But, if it rates highly in the comfort stakes, a good tee can be one of your most treasured garments.

With the release of its new collection of unisex Classic Cut Tees, local underwear label Nico has risen to the challenge of creating the perfect t-shirt that not only fits well, but is also made from soft material.

The collection is an extension of Nico’s eco-friendly ethos to reduce the waste of the fashion industry by repurposing every scrap of material where possible. Each shirt is made from unused luxe bamboo jersey – the same fabric that was used for the label’s recent Bright collection of underwear – and is designed to have a loose fit that isn’t too long.

All of Nico’s t-shirts are made locally in ethical conditions and you can purchase one from the limited-edition collection at Nico’s online store.


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