Bon Bon Bella

Bon Bon Bella delivers style aid to mothers

While many babies possess extensive wardrobes of miniature gifted outfits for every occasion, the wardrobes of their mothers often suffer during the child’s formative years.

Undermined by food spillages on favourite dresses and mishaps of babies tugging at precious jewels, a sense of fashion doesn’t always go hand in hand with motherhood. In an attempt to make life a tad more stylish for herself and fellow mothers who are beginning to feel a touch frumpy, local lass Sarah Clarke created Bon Bon Bella – a range of baby-friendly jewellery that is non-toxic.

Each piece is made from food-grade silicone and is safe for curious little ones to chew and tug. Created with a mother’s attention to detail, the colourful collection of necklaces and bracelets is also dishwasher safe, meaning it can be cleaned as you do your daily dishes.




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