Bring your home to life with custom ceramics from Two Warm Hands

Miya Valmadre-McCrae has always loved the arts. Having studied gold and silver smithing many moons ago, Miya also went onto to teach in primary and secondary school as well as run private art classes for children and adults. It was when Urbane Restaurant commissioned Miya to do a range of crockery for the restaurant that her devotion to ceramics became firm. more


Summer trend: Golf is the new barefoot bowls

If we said ten years ago that lawn bowls was going to be the next big social thing to do with friends, you probably would have laughed at us. Taking that in mind, we are standing firm in calling golf the next big social activity for this summer. So we picked the two closest courses not requiring membership, the Brisbane City Council St Lucia Golf Course and Victoria Park Golf Course, and put together the top nine ways you can channel your inner Happy Gilmore and test out your golf swing. more