Discover handcrafted goods from Gold Coast label Surf/Brand

Discover handcrafted goods from Gold Coast label Surf/Brand

As the sun slowly makes its way over the horizon at the start of a new day, throngs of ocean lovers along Australia’s coastline rise and reach for their surfboard, preparing for their soothing morning ritual of riding the rolling tide.

Being a hobby that runs deep into the soul, surfing often becomes something that many aspire to forge a career from, with Gold Coast-based gents Claudio Kirac and Paul Bow managing to strike the surfing work-life balance when they created their own local label, Surf/Brand. Both have previously dabbled in the surf, fashion and arts industries, leading them to try their hand at making their own range of goods.

Surf/Brand’s first collection included handplanes for bodysurfing and soft luggage, and the plan is to continue developing the range to include hardware, lifestyle accessories and art. Quality handmade craftsmanship and respect for the environment are the core values of the Surf/Brand range, with its products being made from ethically sourced Australian Paulownia wood and other repurposed materials. Despite taking a traditional approach to the manufacturing process, Claudio and Paul conjure fresh designs that continue to push the boundaries of what is possible for their products.

Surf/Brand’s wares will soon be available on its forthcoming online shop, but in the meantime you can check out some of the goods at The Outpost in Fortitude Valley.



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