New Gents Bespoke Shoppe

Don a New Gents limited-edition bowtie

Inspired by grandfathers playing dominoes and bocce in city squares, tradition, and the idea of a classic gentleman, New Gents crafts classic neckwear. Made in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil, this new accessories brand has just launched its Summer 2013 collection, featuring lumberjack plaids, skulls and plain linens across both the bowtie and neck tie.

New Gents is not about recreating the past through vintage styles, but merging old-school ethics with modern elements. Limited-edition production runs see each tie hand-signed and numbered, with the small quantities ensuring individual dress among your peers.

The first tie that New Gents creator Mark owned was a 1970s military tie his father used to wear in his time of service to the Brazilian Air Force. Today, New Gents neckties continue to be styled in this manner. Locking away all obvious ideas and associations with ties, Mark has taken a fresh approach to the fabrics and cuts of each design, with bold, open-weaved linens.


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