Made Here Now at Artisan

Appreciate the art of design with Made Here Now at Artisan

In 1945, Lance Hill began to wonder if there was a way he could improve the static clothesline to make life a little easier for his wife. In rethinking the design of the clothesline, he created the iconic Hills Hoist and changed the way Australians hung their washing forevermore.

The moral of the story here is that the most commonplace objects are often the result of a carefully considered design process. Born from a desire to provide people with a means to connect with and appreciate the design process behind commonplace objects, Made Here Now is a pop-up exhibition at Artisan coordinated by local designers Benjamin Breitenstein, Forrest Gillham and Julian Munro.

Taking over the Artisan shopfront until June 15, the exhibition doubles as a collaborative studio space where the three gents are working on new projects. As each new design is completed, it will available for sale alongside a curated selection of other products picked by the creative trio. To promote the conversation about design and to encourage collaboration, the studio is open to visitors to bring along their own laptop to work in the space, or simply come with an idea to nourish through feedback and collaboration with the boys.

You can follow the progress of Benjamin, Forrest and Julian on their Tumblr.


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