Kurt Vonnegut Letters

Delve into Kurt Vonnegut’s personal letters

As magnetic as one of his works of fiction, a new volume simply titled Kurt Vonnegut: Letters delves into the psyche of this great American writer.

Known for literary works Slaughterhouse-Five and Breakfast of Champions, Kurt Vonnegut penned many a letter between the 1940s and his death in 2007, his frank and compelling voice now captured in this collection. Edited by fellow writer and friend Dan Wakefield, Kurt Vonnegut: Letters is organised by decade, revealing insight into the mind and progression of this literary icon, from the real-life events that inspired his writing to intimate sentences penned to family.

Experimental and satirical in his writing, Kurt has also permitted humour to slip poetically into almost every letter. Young wordsmiths will take inspiration from the missives that chart Kurt Vonnegut’s first steps into the publishing industry and reveal his philosophies on fiction and the writing process. Always expressing his point of view with honesty and a certain uniqueness, the correspondence delivers Kurt’s uncanny wisdom and paints a moving and revelatory portrait of this man, father, friend and author.

Image via A.V. Club.


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