Old-world values find a place in the modern age with Izola

Old-world values find a place in the modern age with Izola

There are a lot of people complaining that ‘They don’t make things like they used to,’ but few who have taken the initiative to reverse this trend. The masterminds of the Izola range of wares are amongst this elite group of creators.

The philosophy of Izola is to embrace principles of functionality and pragmatism to create products that will continue to serve a practical purpose for many years. Many of its products, such as letter openers, shoe horns and handmade soaps aren’t necessarily new, but Izola has reinterpreted the design and manufacturing process to create goods that are inherently useful, and also striking to look at. Its products range in purpose, but each is inspired by one of six nostalgic design themes: maritime, scout, apothecary, sport, powder room and great plains.

Izola’s headquarters are located in New York City, but you’ll find a collection of Izola wares locally at Bread & Butter in Bulimba. The range there includes guest toothbrushes, letter openers, candles, notebooks and dopp kits.


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