Field Notes

Scribble prose and lists in style with Field Notes

While drifting off to sleep, your mind relaxes; the cloudiness of the day drifts away leaving you with headspace to create. It’s times like these that a notebook by the side of the bed is vital, so you’re prepared for the ‘ah ha’ moment of genius that comes, or the thing you’ve forgotten to do taps you on the shoulder and says ‘don’t forget in the morning’.

In the past, a notebook was the vital companion of scientists, archaeologists and people in fields of experimentation and observation. It was the tool they used to record the useful information they came across each day. Harnessing the simple, unassuming and tangible beauty of a pocket ledger and the vanishing agricultural memo book is American paper pusher, Field Notes.

The creation of design folk Draplin Design Company in Portland, Oregon and Coudal Partners of Chicago, Illinois, Field Notes crafts sturdy bound notepads and ring-bound steno books. A place to pen reminders, grocery lists and to defrag the mind of the day’s information build-up, a Field Notes jotter also gives back useful information. Printed on the inside covers are handy knowledgeable facts that any wanderer should know. From a Hobo Symbol quick reference guide and tips for playing tic-tac-toe, to a ruler in both centimetres and inches and commonly (and uncommonly) misspelled words, a Field Notes scribbler even instructs you on how to survive a paper cut.

Pair one of these tactile note takers with a Field Notes pencil from The Happy Cabin to complete the authentic feel.


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