30 Stories in 30 Seconds: let's hear it for the boys

30 Stories in 30 Seconds: let’s hear it for the boys

Autumn/winter fashion has truly arrived at Westfield Carindale, and The Weekend Edition was lucky to get a special behind-the-scenes look at the season's latest fashion trends. To give you a little wardrobe inspiration, we've teamed up with Westfield Carindale and in-house stylist Annabel Falco for our four-part series, 30 Looks in 30 Seconds. Annabel has selected 30 looks to reflect each of the season's four biggest trends for men and women, which we've captured for you in a quick 30 seconds. So pour yourself a coffee, hit play and start taking note of what you, or your beau, will be wearing this autumn and winter! more

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Margaret Zhang
I love travelling and seeing how architecture, history and religion have shaped the way people dress in different parts of the world ... ~ Margaret Zhang more