Campfire Cologne
Campfire Cologne

Discover the woodsy scent of Campfire Cologne

Capturing the nostalgia of summer camping trips spent jumping into pools of fresh water, followed by a bonfire to dry off and keep warm is Campfire Cologne.

Developed in Portland, Oregon, by Antler & Co., Campfire Cologne harnesses the scents of the great outdoors into a manly musk. Known for fashioning naturally ‘shed’ deer antlers into mobiles, hangers and holders, Antler & Co. has conjured a tongue-in-cheek product referencing its homeland’s bearded, flannel-clad chaps with a cleverly packaged cologne.

Wood chips of cedar, oak or birch are contained within the portable red-and-white box, along with a handy supply of matches, so application can be executed anywhere – watch this video for how-to instructions. Whenever you feel the need to be transported wilderness-side and escape the daily grind, simply let the burning incense of the wood of your choice waft over your being, the scent lingering amongst your bearded chin and current threads.


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