The Grocer: Arugula

The Grocer: Arugula

The salad green more commonly known as rocket is one of the most popular leaves thanks to its distinct flavour and nutritional benefits.

Arugula is part of the cabbage family, which might explain why the leafy green has such a strong flavour. You can often find rocket in pre-prepared mesclun salad mixtures and adds a punch thanks to its bitter and peppery flavour. Rocket is popular all over the world thanks to its interesting flavour that can’t be found in regular iceberg lettuce. Arugula is also extremely versatile when it comes to adding it to cooked dishes, with a range of applications across skill levels.

Grab some fresh arugula from your nearest farmers market and use it at dinner with just about anything else you might have sitting around. Grab some red meat and make steak tagliata with arugula, go fresh with an apple arugula and pancetta salad with quail eggs, or try Italian with pasta puttanesca, chicken with goat cheese and arugula or salmon cakes with arugula salad. Arugula can also be used to make some flavoursome pesto and can also help make a simple toasted cheese sandwich pop.

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