The Grocer: Kimchi

Cabbage may conjure ghastly images of overcooked and tasteless cuisine, but the humble vegetable is the key ingredient of one of Korea’s most prized delicacies, kimchi. The Korean staple consists of cabbage that has been fermented and flavoured with chilli, garlic, salt and vinegar, resulting in a tart, spicy side dish that is served alone, as a side and mixed into meals.

If you need further encouragement to try the delicacy, consider that kimchi is also thought to be laden with nutritional properties. Kimchi contains vitamins A, B and C as well as lactobacilli (or good bacteria) that aids digestion.

The chunky dish is intended to overflow with flavour so, while making it, don’t worry about its lack of smoothness in texture. You can store kimchi in airtight containers and it keep in the cupboard for as long as it takes you to eat it.

You’ll find a particularly sour version of kimchi on the Nourished Kitchen website.


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