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Nosh on a pizza-style puff pastry tart

How many times has the calendar hit Monday and you’ve found yourself swearing by healthy-eating resolutions but demanding simplicity? Or invited all your mates around for a mighty weekend brunch, then wasted days poring over incomprehensible recipe books? Anna Barnett’s new cookbook Eat The Week guides home-cooks through their daily meals, offering recipes catered to different moods and days of the week, from carb-loaded feasts to light, zesty dishes. This recipe sees cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, prosciutto and basil loaded on top of puff pastry to form the perfect daytime snack or morning-after indulgence. Vegetarians can swap the prosciutto slices for mushrooms. more

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Bite into a freshly made and flavoursome gyoza at Zagyoza

A descendant of the Chinese dumpling, gyoza was introduced to Japan after World War II when soldiers learned from the Chinese how to make the dumpling. It's uncertain whether this type of dumpling was previously present in Japan, but this time was definitely a turning point for this wrapped and stuffed food. more

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Pavement Whispers: Vol 29 June 30

From whispers of meat and whisky dinners to teppanyaki joints, The Weekend Edition is always on the search for the latest news in Brisbane, dedicated to ensuring its readers are in the know. When we put our ears to the pavement this week, this is what we found out … more