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The Grocer: Purslane

Widely considered a weed, purslane (or pigweed) is in fact a delicious edible green, packed full of vitamins and all-round good stuff. On your next neighbourhood walk look closely at the plants sprawling across the pavement – you may be stepping over your newest salad addition. more

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Give thanks for baked beetroot with horseradish creme

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November, families and friends across America gather for a day of feasting, as they give thanks in honour of the original harvest meal of 1621. We’re always keen to participate in a button-popping banquet, so this weekend we’ll be showing our gratitude for Brisbane’s bounty of fresh, local produce. The traditional feature of the menu, the turkey, wouldn’t be half as enjoyable without his accomplices, so we’ve sourced the perfect Thanksgiving side from cracking new cookbook, King of the Grill. This recipe for beetroot with horseradish creme serves four and pairs perfectly with hot pickings from the barbecue. more

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Thor Svensen from Sovereign Foods

It is amazing what you learn when you take to time to talk to the stallholders at your local market. The Weekend Edition met Thor Svensen from Sovereign Foods at Davies Park Market and then again at the Northey Street City Farm. On both occasions we went away thinking more about our suppliers of staples like pulses, grains, oils and vinegars, and whether they are based locally or overseas. more

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Pavement Whispers: Vol 02 November 25

From whispers of restaurant openings to chatter about new boutiques, The Weekend Edition is always on the search for the latest news in Brisbane, dedicated to ensuring its readers are in the know. When we put our ears to the pavement this week, this is what we found out … more