School Dance

School Dance is the awkward, yet hilarious, amalgamation of social misfits, teenage angst and power ballads with the school dance. Nerds were heroes in 1980s pop culture films, and in School Dance they reign supreme once again.

With a sell-out premiere at the Adelaide Festival in 2012 and a Ruby Award for best show, School Dance mashes together the 80s gold of BMX heroics, Smurfs and power ballads to create some gloriously goofy and — for those of us with long memories — achingly real comedy.

Set in the special kind of hell that is the school dance, the show follows three awkward teens, Matthew, Luke, and Jonathan, on their hormone-fuelled quest for social acceptability.

Director Rosemary Myers, writer Matthew Whittet, designer Jonathon Oxlade and composer Luke Smiles have drawn inspiration from the teen angst films of John Hughes and created a nostalgic but boisterous theatrical gem.

This is one for the dorks, the misfits and the wannabe rock gods.


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