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Whether you prefer to don the lycra and put the bum padding to the test, or lean back on your cruiser and take it easy, all manner of cyclists are invited to help celebrate Brisbane’s bike culture this weekend. more

The Edibles

Poached Holmbrae chicken breast with jamon, snow peas and almonds at ARIA Brisbane

For this instalment of The Edibles, we documented the poached Holmbrae chicken breast with jamon, snow peas and almonds at ARIA Brisbane. ARIA Brisbane continues to serve up delicious local and Australian produce under the leadership of chef Ben Russell, formerly of ARIA in Sydney. The poached Holmbrae chicken appears simple in its presentation, however it is a well-crafted dish full of delightful and complex flavours. Holmbrae chicken is known for its delicious taste, and when sous-vide and combined with the jamon and almond puree, the flavours come together perfectly. Finely shaved fennel, crispy dehydrated jamon, toasted almonds and chickpea shoots top off the impressive dish. For ARIA Brisbane contact information and trading hours, check out our Stumble Guide. more

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It's about looking for that chance element ... ~ Anthony Bennett, artist

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