My Dad’s My Mate celebrates Australian fathers

You may have left the mushy love cards behind in primary school, but that doesn't mean the love for your father is any less real. A beautiful new photographic project is capturing the special bond between sons and their fathers, while also raising awareness of important issues within the community. more

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Garrison Town takes you back to Brisbane in 1942

What is a typical day like for you? It’s likely that you wake up to the sound of your phone's alarm, before jumping on the train or bus to get to work, where you plug away at a computer all day, heading out to grab lunch and perhaps an afternoon coffee. And, if it’s a good day, you may even make your gym or yoga class after work. more


Liam Young explores near-future urbanism at SLQ

Pushing the boundaries of radical theoretical futures, Liam Young is the founder of London-based think tank Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today. Liam is also a UQ expat, and he returns to Brisbane next week to engage the local community in his theorems for future urbanism. more

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Look for locally grown watermelons at Rocklea

Perfect pink triangles piled high on a plate, the juice invariably running down fingers and chins with each refreshing bite. Watermelon is a staple of the Queensland diet, whether enjoyed as a thirst-quenching treat at the beach or while lazing poolside, or devoured in a chilled juice or popsicle form. more

The Interview Next week: Serena Beirne

Do something for at least an hour every day that clears your mind ... Sheldon Lieberman more

Weekly Inspire… Theme of the Week: words of wisdom

Our success was very organic and entirely unexpected ... ~ Ulrich Lenffer, Cloud Control

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SHOOTS: The Burrow, West End