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Finca Kilimanjaro now roasting at Wolff Coffee Roasters

In a southern hemisphere coffee coup, Master Roaster Peter Wolff of Wolff Coffee Roasters has managed to exclusively source the single origin bean Finca Kilimanjaro directly from the revered and renowned coffee producer Aida Batlle. Described by The New Yorker as a fifth-generation coffee farmer and a first-generation coffee celebrity, Aida Batlle owns four farms located along the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano. Her family has been involved in El Salvador’s coffee industry since the late 1800s when Aida’s great great grandfather was the first to plant the Bourbon variety. El Salvador is now famous for producing some of the best Bourbon in the world. Aida Battle pours her heart and soul into every harvest and obsesses over the smallest details of coffee cultivation: from pruning to finding just the perfect point to pick her coffees, to the exploration of difficult,… more

Food & Drink

Sink your teeth into mini pork banh mi sandwiches

Sydney is a vast metropolis packed with culinary gems, but ask any local and they’re likely to point you in the direction of El Loco, Ms. G’s or Mr Wong. Now the critically acclaimed chef behind these unconventional venues is revealing some of his best-kept cooking secrets, with the launch of his new cookbook, Mr Hong. The tome meanders from China to Vietnam to Mexico, sharing some of the countries’ best dishes that merge Dan Hong’s heritage with his fondness for bold, fresh flavours. Balancing texture, freshness, richness, acidity and spice, the famous mini pork banh mi sandwiches found on the menu at Ms. G’s in Potts Point will make the perfect addition to your spring barbecue spread. If you’re pressed for time, take a short-cut by using roasted pork from your favourite Chinese barbecue. more

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Don't have regrets – act on ideas and give it a go ... ~ Yen Trinh, designer

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