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Celebrate the Big Cake Bake with Maggie Beer’s burnt fig jam and almond cake

No matter where you are or what you’re legally obliged to do on Monday August 25, we’re imploring you all to take a break, have a seat and hoe into a mighty slice of cake. All for a good cause, of course. Australian Red Cross turns 100 this month and so it’s only right to show our respect by baking and binge-eating for the 2014 Red Cross Big Cake Bake. One of this year’s ambassadors, the wonderful Maggie Beer, has shared her recipe for burnt fig jam and almond cake, which is sure to be a standout on any Big Cake Bake table spread. more

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Around the world in 13 urban rooftop farms

Open space in cities is shrinking and density is rising. But while living on a tiny pocket of land may be necessary, urban dwellers are also seeking a connection to nature and see empty concrete rooftops as potential greenscapes. Not only does the rooftop farm offer fresher, more nutritious food with diminished food miles, but these gardens in the sky too provide insulation for buildings and conquer the urban heat island effect. Here’s a quick glimpse at the range of rooftop farms operating around the globe to perhaps inspire your own patch. more


Slip into leather goodness from Holystone

Most winter days call for a wardrobe of comfy woollen slacks, oversized fleecy jumpers and thick socks. But sometimes we need to leave the house (and leave the hoodies at home) to keep our style reputation in tact. Don something a little more sleek in these final weeks of the season. more

The Interview Next week: Ben Schostakowski

At some point in life you have to get up off the couch, walk out the front door and just see where life takes you! Denise Scott more

Weekly Inspire… Theme of the Week: words of wisdom

You’ll never succeed at something brilliantly until you want it badly enough ... ~ Kelli Wharton, fashion designer, TALULAH

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