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Bake a loaf of chocolate bacon damper on the campfire

We love baking bread … the pop of air that comes with the first punch of a risen dough, the rhythmic kneading, streaks of flour dusting benchtops, hands and cheeks alike. But we thought we’d put a little extra effort into our choice of bread this weekend, honouring our roots with a loaf of damper. Traditionally damper was made using flour ground from spinifex seeds, which has a brown hue – so perhaps try using wholemeal flour instead of the usual stark white varietal to replicate the colouring. For this recipe, we’ve opted to jazz up a traditional damper with added chocolate and bacon for something a little bit different and a whole lot luscious. more


Pull out your pushy for Bike Week

The mantra for this year’s Bike Week is Eat. Sleep. Ride. Repeat. But we also suggest you weave showering into that regime, as you’ll be working up a sweat at the range of events planned for the cycling festival. more

Event News

A sultry season of Danse Noir opens at Judith Wright Centre

Local choreographer Penelope Mullen has imagined a world of simmering desire and lust in her latest production, Danse Noir, which follows on from last year’s popular Blaque Bordello. While Blaque Bordello explored love and lust in a superficial world of smoke and mirrors, Danse Noir takes it one step further by looking at the motivations of the characters, and their experiences of joy and heartbreak, which inevitably come from falling in love. The story takes place in an apartment block, offering the audience a glimpse into the lives of various residents – a group of lost souls searching for meaningful connections. The show’s season opens at Judith Wright Centre on Saturday April 26 and runs until May 3. more

The Interview Next week: Alejandro Cancino

I just want to keep making shows and working with amazing people ... Yaron Lifschitz more

Weekly Inspire… Theme of the Week: food philosophy

My goal is to create original healthy food with beautiful flavours, textures and appearance ... ~ Dylan Chisholm, The Moray Cafe

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