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Toss a little chorizo, salami or prosciutto from Backa Gourmet Foods in your pasta

Dried meat, being one of the oldest methods of preservation known to humankind, is a feature of many cuisines around the world. From bresaola, air-dried salted beef originally from the Valtellina valley in northern Italy; charquí, made from llama or alpaca, in South America; suho meso, a smoked beef eaten in Bosnia, to kuivaliha, air-dried salted meat (often reindeer) of northern Finland, dried meat is a staple in many cultures. more

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Success is being able to choose any coloured plate on the sushi train ... Matt Okine more

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I like to be quite like a chameleon on stage ... ~ Camille O'Sullivan, performer

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SHOOTS: Coppa Spuntino, Brisbane City